VCÖ Mobility Award 2017

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We are looking for innovative projects and ideas for a sustainable mobility

Low carbon mobility” is the title of the VCÖ Mobility Award 2017. The United Nations Paris Agreement makes clear that we need to establish a carbon-dioxide-free transport system before the year 2050. In this year’s VCÖ Mobility Award we look for exemplary projects, as well as inspiring ideas and concepts, which bring us one step closer to this goal. Download the submission form with the link below, complete it and send it back to VCÖ via mobilitaetspreis(at)

What can be submitted by whom at the VCÖ Mobility Award

To reach the goal of an ecologically sustainable mobility system, we need both: encouraging practical examples, as well as inspiring project-ideas. For the VCÖ Mobility Award we therefore look for already implemented projects and projects with secured implementation, as well as new and visionary concepts, ideas and not yet implemented projects for a forward-looking and decarbonized transport system.

The VCÖ Mobility Award is Austria’s biggest competition for sustainable mobility and is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry for Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and the ÖBB.
Private persons can participate as well as companies, start-ups, local and national authorities, research and educational institutes or students, pupils and NGOs.

A change in mobility is possible

A low carbon mobility without negative health effects is possible. The VCÖ Mobility Award 2017 is looking for innovative and exemplary projects and project-ideas in the following areas:
• Low carbon passenger transport
• Low carbon freight transport and logistics
• Digitalisation for a low carbon mobility
• Technologies and innovations that improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2
• Socially just and fully accessible mobility solutions

We are also looking for currently running or recently completed projects, concepts and ideas from the field of science and research, as well as school projects. The best submission by students or pupils will also be awarded in a special category.

Submission deadline: 18th of June 2017

Who decides the winning project or project idea?

Your project or project-idea will be reviewed and assessed by a panel of experts. Five projects or concepts will be nominated in each category. These nominations will be presented on the VCÖ website and can receive extra points through a public online voting. The winning projects and project-ideas will be awarded in a ceremony in September 2017 in Vienna.

VCÖ online-database for exemplary mobility projects

Projects, concepts and ideas that are submitted at the VCÖ Mobility Award will be stored in the VCÖ online-database for exemplary mobility projects and therefore experience visibility for a broad public.

Tell us about projects and persons to contact and recommend the VCÖ Mobility Award to others

Please inform the VCÖ about projects, concepts and ideas that should be invited to participate.
Please send us your recommendations to mobilitaetspreis(at) or +43 (0)1 89 32 697 – and
recommend the VCÖ Mobility Award to others.


All relevant information for international projects is available in the official folder of the VCÖ Mobility Award.


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