VCÖ Mobility Award 2018

Sujet VCÖ-Mobilitätspreis 2018

The VCÖ Mobility Award is Austria’s biggest competition for sustainable mobility. It is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry for Transport, the Ministry of Sustainability and the ÖBB.

We are looking for innovative projects and ideas for sustainable transport and mobility

Transport and traffic are still among the biggest issues that need to be addressed in order to meet the Paris climate agreement. To steer towards a future that is compatible with climate protection, social inclusion and resource efficiency, it takes pioneer projects and inspiring ideas.

Supported by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and the ÖBB, VCÖ is looking for aspiring projects, project ideas and research studies, which promote sustainable mobility solutions.


To submit a project, please download the English submission form (PDF). To fill it out, save it on your computer and open it with a PDF reader like Adobe reader. After you completed to fill it out, save the changes you made and e-mail the file to You can also include additional files (like photos, images or digital project information) in your email.

If you understand German, you can also submit your project or idea by using the online submission form (German). Of course you can fill out the online submission form in English, too.


Who can participate in the VCÖ Mobility Award?

Austria’s largest competition for sustainable transport and mobility is open for everyone to join: Companies, including transportation companies, municipalities, districts, research institutes, schools and universities as well as students, special interest groups and societies, campaign groups as well as private citizens. Subject of submission are already implemented projects and projects with guaranteed funding, inspiring ideas or concepts for projects, as well as studies and work of research, which promote the socio-ecological transformation of the transport system and sustainable forms of mobility.

The transformation of the transport system affects all realms of life

How can the transport system respond to the ongoing social change? What do fair and environmentally sustainable mobility solutions look like? The VCÖ Mobility Award 2018 is looking for innovative and exemplary project submissions, which lead the way in all spheres of life:

  • Workplace and education
  • Living environment and everyday mobility
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Shopping and delivery
  • Freight transport and logistics
  • Infrastructure and public space
  • Public and publicly available Transport

With our partner Siemens we are furthermore awarding digital approaches and applications. Additionally, the best submissions from students or pupils will be awarded in a separate category (powered by Kapsch).

Submission Deadline: June 17th, 2018

Your submission will be reviewed and assessed by a jury of experts. Five projects in each category will be nominated for a public online voting on the VCÖ website. That way, a project can receive extra points. The best projects and concepts will finally be awarded in a ceremony in September 2018 in Vienna.



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