VCÖ Mobility Award 2022

Sujet VCÖ-Mobilitätspreis 2020

Exemplary projects and concepts on sustainable transport wanted

The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change leaves no doubt: Global warming is caused by us humans - and we humans have to stop it. And: The sooner we act, the greater the benefit for people and the environment. This is also true for Austria, and it is especially true for the transport sector.

The rapid transformation to zero-emission mobility brings many benefits: The air becomes cleaner. More exercise through walking and cycling strengthens our health. Climate-compatible mobility is more cost-effective, space-saving and social. Our country becomes independent of expensive oil imports. That is why the motto of the VCÖ Mobility Award 2022 is „Implementing a transformation of transportation“.

What is the VCÖ Mobility Award and who can participate?

The VCÖ Mobility Award is Austria’s largest competition for sustainable transport and mobility and is carried out in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

The submission is now open to companies, including transportation companies, municipalities, districts, research institutes, schools and universities as well as to students, special interest groups and societies, campaign groups as well as private citizens. We accept: already implemented projects and projects with guaranteed funding, inspiring pilots and concepts for projects as well as studies and works of research which promote the socio-ecological transformation of the transport system and sustainable forms of mobility.

How to submit a project or concept?

To submit a project, please download the English submission form (PDF) and complete it by using Adobe Reader. Please send the completed file via e-mail to and attach additional materials such as photos, images or videos. You can also use the German online submission form for your submission.

A transformtion of transportation is achievable in many areas

Transport is Austria's biggest climate challenge. How can transport be put back on climate track? How can mobility be socially just, economically efficient and be designed environmentally sound? How can companies organise mobility or goods transport climate friendly? What can municipalities and cities as well as schools and universities do to make transport more sustainable?

We are looking for submissions on the following topics:

  • Healthy, active mobility
  • Sharing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Climate-compatible goods traffic, transport and logistics
  • Spatial planning, settlement development and housing
  • Digitalisation in mobility
  • Mobility management (companies, schools, universities, tourism)
  • Public and publicly accessible transport, multimodality
  • Energy transition, electrification and circular economy in mobility
  • ‘Design for All’ – Mobility addressed to intergenerational and social needs

At the VCÖ Mobility Award Austria, Siemens supports the awarding of projects and concepts that contribute to a sustainable transport system with the help of 'digitalisation in mobility'. The best project on the subject of 'spatial planning and settlement development' is awarded with the support of the Austrian Hagelschutzversicherung. The best submission on the subject of '‘Design for All’ – Mobility adressed to intergenerational and social needs' will also receive an award in its own category, funded by the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.

A professional short film will be made about the winning project and will be available online. Participating projects get the opportunity to be presented in the VCÖ open access online database for exemplary projects on sustainable transport.

Exemplary projects are presented in the VCÖ online database

If desired, complete submissions will be presented in the VCÖ online database for exemplary mobility projects at and thus made accessible to a broad audience.


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Selected Projects

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Das Video zum Siegerprojekts des VCÖ-Mobilitätspreis 2021

Der VCÖ verwendet Spenden sparsam und zielgerichtet und trägt daher das Österreichische Spendengütesiegel.

Aktuelle VCÖ-Themenschwerpunkte

Infrastrukturen für die Verkehrswende

Infrastrukturen benötigen lange Zeiträume vom Beginn der Planung über die Errichtung bis zu ihrer Nutzung. Damit Österreich bis zum Jahr 2040 klimaneutral sein kann, ist heute in Infrastrukturen für klimaverträgliche Mobilität, wie Öffentlicher Verkehr, Radfahren und Gehen sowie in die Energieinfrastruktur für E-Mobilität zu investieren.

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Öffentlicher Verkehr – Mobilität und Klimaschutz

Europa soll bis zum Jahr 2050 erster klimaneutraler Kontinent werden. Der Öffentliche Verkehr ist ein zentraler Faktor, um auch den Verkehr auf Klimakurs zu bringen.

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Verkehrswende - Good Practice aus anderen Ländern

Während andere Sektoren ihre Emissionen gegenüber dem Jahr 1990 reduziert haben, ist der CO2-Ausstoß des Verkehrs stark gestiegen. Am Ziel der Dekarbonisierung des Verkehrs wird weltweit gearbeitet.

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