About the VCÖ

VCÖ is a public-benefit organisation specialising in mobility and transport. The aim of VCÖ is an ecologically compatible, economically efficient and socially equitable transport system. An intact environment as a livelihood for future generations is a central concern of VCÖ. The view of VCÖ is globally oriented, cross-thematic and takes into account the interests of future generations. VCÖ was founded in 1988 and works on a European level together with the umbrella organisation Transport & Environment for a climate-friendly transport system.

VCÖ works knowledge-based and highlights solutions that also contribute to greater sustainability in the long term. In the form of studies and factsheets, VCÖ provides the background knowledge on which VCÖ bases its awareness raising work. To get the messages to the right people and stimulate political debate on certain issues, VCÖ also organises events such as exclusive roundtables, press briefings and interactive world cafés. Every year, VCÖ organises the VCÖ Mobility Award, Austria’s largest competition for sustainable transport and mobility. As part of the competition, VCÖ is looking for innovative projects and ideas for sustainable transport and mobility and showcasing them in its project database.

VCÖ also engages ever more in social media work on Twitter and Facebook. VCÖ has an impressive track record regarding media coverage on various mobility-related issues and is the leading NGO in this field, despite being focused on transport issues only. VCÖ is largely financed by the donations of several thousand individuals. VCÖ projects are also supported by federal ministries, federal states, cities and municipalities as well as companies.